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Self Compassion = Compassion for all

Self compassion ~ is a dialogue with one's self that includes gently holding yourself (inner-self) with kindness and love, with ability to slowly change the inner critic from negative to positive over time, putting that nasty monkey brain to bed for periods of time to let in love and light.

Above is my definition of self compassion. <3

When the inner critic takes a hold of a situation, opinion or judgement our inner "beast" has its way with us ileaving us drowning in heavy muck. Its vital to learn to be able to step back with a compassionate heart and say "ok slow down you are safe, you are peaceful, you are loved, you are light, you are special, you are forgiven, all is well". When we can take a deep breath pull back and lift our heads out of the muck sufficating us, there is a better sense of calm.

Self compassion can serve as our center, balancing of our chaotic mind. SC is the place where healing your spirit begins. It is here where understanding and kindness take you to a gentler space within greater love, greater understanding, this is when the unveiling of the soul begins to rise up. This is your truest self, not all the layers on the outside, the "things" in life, the job, the clothes, the outside successes(or failures). The truest self is your soul, this beam of light (which LIVES within all of us) is itching to shine bright.

Self compassion creates peace within our own body, mind, and soul. When we have more peace, more self compassion, more kindness for ourselves we can authenticately do the same for others. When we have a greater understanding of the pain, heart ache, failures, and deep sadness within ourselves. Then we can better understand those in the world after we have examined and accepted our own struggles in life. When we CHOOSE to be honest about our wounds, really truly feel them, sit with them, ask them "what are you here for" "be my teacher" "show me the wisdom you have brought to me"~ these are the spaces of deeper understanding for all of humanity. Here we just began scratch the surface of what our powerful hearts are capable of, loving compassion for all. One vibration at a time the world begans to heal with great love.

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