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QHHT is a beautiful healing practice  facilitated and perfected by Dolores Cannon for over 40 years. This modality has been refined  with her love and passion molding it into an incredible healing practice to help thousands in their journey. QHHT stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. 


Why QHHT? 


QHHT is a profound experience no matter your reasons for booking a session. QHHT helps clients in answering questions about their purpose, health concerns, emotional well being, career, trauma, relationships, healing  and much more. All this answered by the connecting the higher self in the deep state of relaxation in the session. 

Many experience healing on  mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels. As well as, gaining clarity and insight to help them live with a greater purpose, sense of peace, and a deeper connection to our higher self. 


What can I expect from a session?


Clients join Christi in her office in Haddonfield, NJ for your session. Prior to the session the client will make a list of questions about any health,  life, career, personal, and spiritual curiosities/concerns, anything can be answered. Clients  will spend 2-3 hours with Christi getting to know one another, sharing their reasons for choosing QHHT, going over their life experiences and  list of questions. Christi will guide and explain each step of the process helping the client to feel confident, comfortable and safe in their session. Christi has been a reiki practitioner for over 11 years, her clients always feel safe and loved in their sessions.

After the interview has been conducted, the client will be lead into the deep state of relaxation much like  a guided meditation. In this part of the session the client lays on a massage bed cozy and comfortable. This is the regression portion,of the session,  where the client moves either into a past life or current life scenes. The Higher Self always chooses what is for the highest good of the client and for the highest benefit and healing of the client. Once the client has moved through the regression part of the session, Christi will connect the and call in the Higher Self to step in to answers the questions on the list, move into a body scan, healing, and any areas to be  balanced and/or releasing of access energies. 

Following the completion of the higher self portion Christi will then count the client out, bringing the client back grounded and feeling very good. 

Christi suggests to her client they bring a healthy grounding snack/meal to eat (helping to ground after the deep state relaxation) as the session is unpacked.   


What to expect following the session?

The session is recorded so the client can listen to it as they move through their healing and discovery of the information found in the session. Listening to the recording is essential for the continued healing and awareness to integrate into the body, mind and spirit in the days, weeks and months following. Every session is different, because everyone comes from their own unique life experiences. Therefore, everyone will have different results. Some experience healing on physical level, emotional level, and/or spiritual level. Many have a greater understanding after their session why their life journey has been taking down certain difficult and challenging paths, allowing for healing, forgiveness and wisdom. 

QHHT is a truly an amazing and profound experience. It is very common to feel guided, lead, and held in love through out the session. The more open, trust filled and hopeful going into the session the greater the experience. QHHT is a gift Dolores Cannon has given to all of us, it is a beautiful modality leading us back to our wholeness. 

How to book a session with Christi?

Below fill out contact form to request a session and check availability, as well as to discuss QHHT with Christi who is a level 2 QHHT practitioner.  You can also call or text Christi at 856-625-9093, or email her at . Session cost is $555, a non-refunded deposit of $125 at time of booking. Chrisit is looking forward to sharing the extraordinary gift of QHHT with you!

This video from Suzanne Spooner gives four wonderful tips on getting the most out of your QHHT session! 

Please fill out form for booking QHHT Session

Becoming a QHHT Practitioner

Interested in becoming a QHHT practitioner? If you are being drawn to exploring more about becoming a facilitator of QHHT, listen to this gentle nudge!  I did and I couldn't be more grateful for all the amazing and beautiful experiences I have been a witness to being a QHHT practitioner
Click here to begin an expansive and exciting journey with QHHT!


"Timing is everything.
Recently I experienced a traumatic family situation and within the first few weeks when I felt almost paralyzed Christie began to offer QHHT.  This situation left me feeling like a lot of my life was erased. I’m still unraveling all of it. The whole process of QHHT with Christie felt completely safe.  That space and her open heart held me while I shared my story.  I can’t easily put into words what happened during the hypnosis part of the session but when I got home and over the next days and now weeks- I felt an actual cutting of whatever tied me to the feelings that made me feel somehow responsible for someone else’s behavior. All the feelings of shame and guilt are falling away every day. I still have processing to do and growing the relationships that were all affected by this situation but I can’t imagine where I would be if I hadn’t experienced this process.  I have a much better perspective from Christie and I even feel joy sooner than I thought  possible."

"I have been seeing Christi for several years now, and I recently had a QHHT session. Christi is supportive, loving, generous, wise, and kind in person and in practice. The session was comfortable and relaxing, and it went far beyond my expectations. It was nothing like I expected (my preconceived notions about what I would experience) but exactly what I needed, and Christi was calm, supportive, and nurturing throughout. It helped show me areas in my life where I am stuck, pointed out some beliefs that I have been holding onto that I need to let go, and verified some truths that I have been trying to work out for a while. I would recommend this to anyone who is searching for healing or deeper understanding of themselves."


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