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Palliative Spiritual Care 

See the light in others

and treat them

as if its all you see

~ Wayne Dyer


Death is a natural part of our process, it is a part of the cycle of being human. I personally have a deep and sacred respect for the clients and families dealing with one of the most emotionally impactful times in their lives. My job is to actively work with the client and their family to begin to make peace with the client’s transition with a focus on our spirituality. Our spirituality is a fundamental element of palliative care, allowing us to lead with faith and love. 

End of life always looks different in every family. Each and every family is coming from different backgrounds, different circumstances, very important to honor each and everyone grieves differently and in their own unique way. Through compassion, respect, ease, love, and my reiki practice to be a channel of light through one of the most challenging experience we ever go through.

I lead with the knowledge, palliative spiritual care focuses on the whole person for the client and their loved ones will help ease the emotional and spiritual suffering experienced through these final stages. 


My personal experience with my own grandparents, parents, and clients who have moved on in their journey, each experience has changed me for the better. The profound impact each soul has made on me is nothing short of miraculous, confirming time and time again our spirituality is an essential and purposeful part of human experience. My job is to be a witness, a spiritual guide, a support person, a facilitator of the most precious healing energy to bring comfort and compassion. All of this helps in giving  all involved a greater sense of acceptance, peace, and empowering  the client and loved ones to be able to better trust this is truly one of the most sacred and precious experiences we are offered in our lifetime with our loved ones.  Part of my work is to help release some fear and anxiety around death and lean into the spiritual process of moving on into the next part of the journey for the client and those caring for them. This aids the family/loved ones to be more present and have a greater sense of clarity through this extremely painful time.  


I offer this a few times a year, as I ultimately want to be at my best. So  I can give the most of myself for each and every family. I am humbled and honored to be a part of this most sacred journey with those who invite me on their journey. 

Please contact me to find out more, peace be with you.

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