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Equine Reiki

"Our session with Christi was an amazing experience. My horse was a little anxious before the session and when she started, he immediately walked over to her, which he has never done with anyone but me, and put his head down in a very relaxed state. He stood completely still the whole time. It was one of the most relaxed states I’ve ever seen him in and I have noticed his anxiety has since significantly decreased."

~ Moorestown, NJ Client

Reiki is a gentle hands on/hands off practice that helps to restore balance on all levels -- body, mind, and spirit. It is powerful on its own and is also a beautiful compliment to traditional medicine.

Our furry friends actually absorb stress, grief, physical pain, and so much more. Reiki assists in releasing these negative emotions, giving way for a purer state of living. Reiki can help a horse (or any animal) relieve anxiety or heal from a physical injury or from a traumatic event such as abuse or a riding accident. Reiki helps release old wounds and negativity, assisting an animal in healing on many levels.  


How do Reiki sessions help?

Reiki can assist in relieving anxiety, nervous behaviors and releasing past traumas. It can also help animals heal more quickly from physical injury or illness. At the end of life, Reiki will bring your loving companion to a state of peace and calm that will help them pass more gently. Reiki is a beautiful, holistic compliment to the care of an animal and for yourself.

​As a horse enthusiast, you know that horses are highly intuitive and sensitive to the energy around them -- this is a big part of why they are so incredible with special needs children. Horses live to heal others and they want to help us live a better life. However, in the process they can absorb negative energy that we may not even be aware we are feeling. As we release these energies and open to the healing of Reiki, it can create an even stronger, more loving bond with our animal companion. 


I took the video below of a horse I've worked with who is blind in one and a bit skidish. This horse prefers a "hands off" at a distance healing session. The effects were physically evident, he was still, head lowered, in a trance like state, and stood relaxed for over 15 minutes. This practice left him feeling calm with a much lower level anxiety.  




Please contact me by cell 856-625-9093 or by email for further questions, or making an appointment. I look forward to the honor of working with you and your precious loved one. 

".....Christi came before he saw the dentist. He is usually anxious before and when he sees their truck pull up he becomes antsy. We had our session and when the dentist came, he was completely relaxed. He did not even flinch when he saw the truck and he stood calmly when they were doing his teeth. It was absolutely amazing and I am so grateful that Christi was able to help his fear of the dentist." ~Jacqueline 

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