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Christi has changed my life through her Reiki practice. I went to her feeling out of sorts and stressed out. Her practice has helped me to become more centered, relaxed and I find that her practice helps me to better manage through a high stress job. She has a very calming and peaceful way about her that puts you at ease immediately. She is very caring for her patients. I can't recommend her enough - she's amazing!


Reiki is a gentle practice of hands-on healing. Reiki allows our own energy to be restored in the way it is intended to be.  Our minds and body's are designed to heal themselves. Over time, experiences, and life cirmstances can block this natural energy flow. Reiki's subtle yet powerful flow assists in releasing these blocks. 

Each and every reiki practitioner is different then the next. Be sure to find a practitioner with whom you can move through your healing process with and be comfortable.  Listen to your intuition when picking someone to work with along this part of your life journey. 


The sessions I have with my clients are more than reiki itself. My clients are fully supported in their jouney, we spend time within the session for spiritual guidance and gentley uncovering the things holding us back from living a more fullfilling life. I share valuable tools to move through your this part of your healing with more ease, grace and love for yoursel. After your session, I always check in on my clients to see who they are doing and if  they may have questions that have risen since our session. I am more then a reiki practitioner, I am a spiritual support system.  I am honoroed to do this work, and more blessed for the willingness of those who choose to work with me.  

Click here to find out what my clients are saying about the reiki sessions they experienced with me.

Reiki Session

My office is in Haddonfield, New Jersey. If you would like to purchase a session, please see below the buy now button. 

If you have questions before you book a session, feel free to contact me by email or through my contact form


 Reiki Session                         $99 

Add on Sound Healing        $50


Distance Reiki
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Reiki Cherry Hill Haddonfield NJ

Reiki sent over time and space delivers the same healing energy as an in home session. Once I set the intention for the healing through meditation, that energy is delivered to the recipient in a way that will best serve them. This is a beautiful option for those who aren't able to receive an in home session. Distance reiki can also be a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one who is ill or feeling overwhelmed and is seeking clarity and calm. 


$88 for one session


****Christi Tedeschi is not a licensed counselor/therapist

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