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Testimonials of  Love

Reiki and Emotion Code

Christi has an amazing gift. She is not only extremely talented; she is compassionate, warm and nurturing. I suffer from chronic lyme disease. In one session, Christi had my mind, body and soul in peaceful harmony. When the session ended, she validated some things I already knew and shed light on some areas for personal growth and peace. I had clarity for days after and the best night of sleep in months.

I have really enjoyed and it has made a big difference in my week after receiving a reiki session from Christi Tedeschi. She creates a calm, respected, non-judgmental atmosphere in which I could focus on myself in the midst of a very hectic, busy life! I have had the opportunity through her to learn more about reiki and I have incorporated her sessions into my schedule on a regular basis. I would recommended her reiki sessions for anyone who has a great deal to balance and wants to decrease their stress level when taking on weekly responsibilities. 

I've had the opportunity to have several Reiki sessions with Christi. Her calm, relaxed manner translated into terrific experiences. I felt settled, centered, and at peace after our sessions. Christi is definitely a gifted Reiki practitioner!

I have known Christi for many years. I have always had a calm feeling when in her presence and always felt extremely comfortable and not in any way judged.  When I found out about her becoming a Reiki provider I was on the phone ASAP! I have had many health issues over the years including cancer, and neck fusion, along with suffering from muscle and joint pain (fibromyalgia). I feel so lucky to have been able to experience the calming affects of each Reiki session. During my sessions I have felt the presence and protection of my guardian angels, received direction from God and walked out with an overall calm, loving feeling that lasts for days. I have felt different sensations such as pressure, warmth, vibration while meditating on my own agenda during my sessions. I have even seen beautiful images I can't explain. Afterwards, talking with Christi, she will tell me about issues she felt or sounds heard that were in my thoughts. When I search the spiritual meanings I am just amazed! I have learned much about myself and have been able to move forward on my personal spiritual journey.  I look forward to my future Reiki sessions as each allows me to become more comfortable with my life decisions and the direction of my journey with a much higher power.  I look forward to each visit! Thank you Christi for sharing your gift! 

"When I met Christi a few years ago, she mentioned that she had just had an amazing Reiki session with a client. She had such a peaceful glow in her face, my curiosity about Reiki was sparked. Yet, I was fearful about nervous. In my life journey I tend to look for answers in a logical, factual manner. Recently, I uncovered deep emotions of sadness and pain that I had been suppressing. I was so uncomfortable with these emotions that I usually avoided,and really wanted to pull back to my old pattern, but I knew that they needed some attention if I was ever going to evolve. I reached out to Christi for help. Her words were full of love, understanding and patience, I eagerly scheduled my first session. It was a transformative experience and I felt many decades of worry and confusion melt away. I was lighter and felt such a sense of calm and peace that I had longed for. There is a logic to energy and love and light, Christi is an amazing, healing guide to these truths. I am so thankful for her gifts and her generosity in sharing them. A meaningful part of the journey for me, in fact, I need to schedule another session immediately!" - 

I believe - I know that sounds like an all powerful statement, and I chose that beginning for a reason. You see, I also carry doubt. That's my point. If your someone like me, please read on:

I started a journey with Christi about 8 weeks ago, specifically to address a nagging hip pain in my left side. I would stretch, exercise and repeat, but every day the pain made itself know. Christi is a Reiki Master practitioner, and now she's studied a specialized form of Reiki: intuitive surgery healing. We decided to work together over a short time frame to address my issue and what I got in return was nothing short of beautiful: peace, soulful healing, reflection, love, meditation, along with the intuitive surgery healing.

Christi gently worked with me to visualize healing in my trouble area, taught me how to enfold in a healing color and distribute the pain into energy to be transferred into white light. I felt a loving, contained wrap around my pain, I felt a slow and gentle disbursement of the pain, and I felt relief more and more after each session.

The gift of Reiki is that positive energy can't help but to spread throughout your body and your life. So, while the focus of our work was my hip, healing couldn't help but to occur in my mind, my heart, and my energy.

If you are like me, and you believe, why not invite this gift into your life? Why resist peace, and healing if it's right in front of you calling? I highly recommend contacting Christi for the many healing options she offers.


“I swear to you, there are divine things more beautiful than words can tell.”
-Walt Whitman
This quote seems so perfectly fitting when I think of Christi and Reiki. For years, I really had no idea what Reiki was and still find it hard to explain my experiences with Christi to others. It’s beyond words.

The dictionary states: Reiki, noun…a healing technique based on the principle that a therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing process of the patients body and restore physical and emotional well being.
In Christi’s hands, I have laughed and cried (I am talking ugly cry here, people). Both have left me feeling lighter, but also more grounded in a way I just couldn’t access myself. I feel like an incredibly lucky soul to have crossed paths with Christi and her ability to replace anxiety with calm, shift my perceptions, start a chain reaction of physical healing and remind me that I am enough.
Christi’s gifts are so special and prolific; I can guarantee you will walk away from a session changed. I did.

I had the great privilege of a private in home reiki session with Christi Tedeschi and she is WONDERFUL! Not only is she amazingly talented and guided, she is caring and sweet and extremely intuitive. I highly recommend having energy work done with Christi! You exercise your mind and your body - now work on your energy with Christi!

Christi Tedeschi is an incredible Reiki practitioner. She is non judgmental and very receptive to the specific needs of her clients. Her approach is compassionate and generous and shows her keen knowledge of energy work. With attention and discernment Christie allows herself to be a empathic conduit for her practice . If you are feeling stuck in life, trying to discern next steps or just want a deeper mind/ body connection , I would highly recommend a session- or two or three!

A friend of mine introduced me to the idea of reiki years ago so I was open to bringing my daughter to Christi to help with her anxiety.  She always makes her feel relaxed & at ease with herself.  We are always so amazed by her “magical” ability to heal. She even helped her become symptom free after a recent concussion. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Distance Reiki and Emotion Code

I was really missing my sessions with Christie and this time of social distancing has been very challenging on so many levels for me and my family. I opted for a distance session with Christie and I’m so glad I did because my body and mind immediately went back to the centered and balanced place that I’m so familiar with in working with her. It was such a huge relief to be able to let go of so many emotions that I couldn’t work through on my own. I felt immediately lighter following our session and am so glad to have this option available during these difficult times. Thank you, Christie for bringing me back to my highest and best self!

I’ve been feeling a bit confused and a little disappointed with all that is going on around me and in the world lately. Quarantining has been a blessing as I am spending lots of time with my grown children who returned home so we can stay together as a family, enjoy meals, workouts, talks, movies and the simple things like sitting around the fire in our backyard. Yet I was unsettled and worried about our health, my job, their employment and wellbeing…… much going on, so much to be thankful for but again the anxiety over Covid19 started overwhelming over my every day thoughts.
I reached out to Christi and we talked about the blessings and frustrations I was feeling. She helped me adjust my attitude and refocus the interpretations of my thoughts. She reminded me of all the good in my professional and personal life. Christi reminded me of the love I need to keep inside of myself so it can shine thru in all aspects of my life and shared with others. She spoke with my via Zoom and then she remotely performed Reiki for me. We hung up, I relaxed for just a moment because we did this over my lunch break and I needed to get back on line to finish my day. It was later that night and the following day I had time to truly relax and concentrate on the positive energy she was sending my way. I wasn’t sure how it was supposed to work so I prayed and opened my mind and heart towards acceptance.
My mind felt clearer and focused. My mood uplifted over the next few days and my overall attitude was more positive. The energy she sent my way was calming which helped enlighten my thoughts and lightened the heaviness I was caring around. I feel happier and less burdened now. I even used my positive thoughts and energy after my session with Christi to help my son who was having a very difficult time with his boss. Amazingly while he was on a contentious call with his boss, I  started to pray and concentrate on the tone of the call and funnel positive energy his way. A few minutes later my son started to laugh, his boss became jovial and the call ended much differently than it started. My son was visibly relieved and this all started with Christi and what she taught me! I love the way positive thoughts and energy can be shared among us all. She is wonderfully insightful. The calmness and warmth I sense after our sessions are undeniable.

I need to tell you about an experience I thoroughly needed and enjoyed last week. I hired Christi Tedeschi to share her very special gifts with me...I woke up knowing that I needed a distance Reiki session and that Christi needed to deliver it. So I did what any self-respecting person in need of clarity would do I told Christi I needed her mad skills, I think I may have begged a little. She did the distance session for me on Friday. It was one of the most profound energy sessions I've ever enjoyed. She is talented beyond words. And for some strange reason she's kinda shy about her gifts so you need to send her a pm in order to tap into her gifts. My advice? Run, don't walk. I'm still floating on a cloud. ~ Tracey Selingo

 I have had the beautiful privilege of working with Christi a few times, and every time I am completely blown away by her truth, accuracy, ability to give me the best, most amazing readings and having the most gorgeous, delicious energy sent to me. Christi is a doll, and such a pleasure to talk to, she makes you feel like a dear friend and even though we haven't met in real life yet, we have done distance work, I feel completely at ease, relaxed and comfortable with her. I've had some major life events unfold the past 18mths and Christi has lovingly supported, held space and compassionately worked with me. I will definitely continue to have sessions with her in the future and recommend her intuitive services wholeheartedly x




"Our first session with Christi was an amazing experience. My horse was a little anxious before the session and when she started, he immediately walked over to her, which he has never done with anyone but me, and put his head down in a very relaxed state. He stood completely still the whole time. It was one of the most relaxed states I’ve ever seen him in and I have noticed his anxiety has since significantly decreased."

"Christi came before Zac saw the dentist. He is usually anxious before and when he sees their truck pull up, he becomes antsy. We had our session then when the dentist came, he was completely relaxed. He did not even flinch when he saw the truck and he stood calmly when they were doing his teeth. It was absolutely amazing and I am so grateful that Christi was able to help his fear of the dentist. "

Animal Reiki

We rescued our dog nearly 2.5 yrs ago, and have worked tirelessly to integrate him into family living. After 6 years of neglect and possible abuse, he needed a lot of careful attention with socialization, and basic dog training. His nervous demeanor and mistrust of humans has been a challenge, as most Labrador Retrievers people meet are friendly and always ready to meet new people. Our dog has been a work in progress, to say the least. His basic mistrust of people outside out home has been challenging. He cowers to humans, is overall nervous towards cars, outside noises and life in general. His demeanor can be hard to explain to people, so I often find myself defending him by saying "He was abused-he acts weird". It's not weird as much as it is pathetic and heartbreaking that anyone would treat a sweet dog with such unkind intent.


Christi was kind enough to watch our special rescue dog for several days. Since he's returned, his training has progressed quite a bit! Christi gained his trust with patience and gentle encouragement. Clearly, her knowledge of pets as well as the healing process was what coaxed our dog out of his normally shy self. Through her practice of Reiki, both physically and remotely, she has helped our dog leap a few hurdles of trusting others, and attempting to become more integrated into family living. Christi's loving care and healing have helped us live a more normal life with our favorite rescue dog! He has been more curious of visitors, no longer running away when they enter. We take each day as it comes with our sweet boy, and are so thankful for Christi's healing thoughts and intentions for him.


We look forward to more break throughs with our dog through Christi's healing practice, Reiki, and continued love of all living things.

We boarded our 7-year-old goldendoodle with Christi for a week. I was a bit hesitant to board her because she was recovering from a torn cruciate and meniscus injury. Christi and I discussed having her do a few reiki sessions with Coco while she was there. Coco was walking so much better when we picked her up. I think Christi's healing touch really helped aid in her recovery. We will definitely be back, Coco loves her. Who doesn't? Christi has such a calm, warm and loving nature!

Energy Clearings

Christi Tedeschi knew I was spiraling, and asked if I would be open to an "energy clearing" of my aura. I had been going through many changes/transitions, and seemed to be tied up in my own knots!

After the spiritual cleansing, I felt that my burden of "fear" had been lifted... Lightened... I felt as if my troubles, though existent, weren't "the end" but just "part" of my journey. I felt I could walk forward without carrying those extra "head trip" burdens!

Christi's talent in hearing, listening closely, and clearing a path is a gift. I am thankful for her, and her quality service. I urge all to try this with Christi. ~ Gina

After my clearing I felt light! I felt like positive energy was all around me and full of energy. It was like someone removed that heavy blanket of negativity hanging on your shoulders. I went to work the next day with a renewed energy and positive attitude. I truly recommend this to anyone.


"Thank you for your beautiful reading. I bow down to you in prayer, for you most definitely have tapped into a very special gift. Your intuition is right on point for what has been stirring inside of me lately. XO" ~ Anna

Christi's reading are laser sharp and spot on, delivered with a beautiful dose of love and guidance.

                                                                   ~ Tracey Selingo, Intuitive Consultant at

I went to Christi for a spiritual reading because I was feeling stuck and was looking to get unstuck. Her reading was so insightful and honest. It encouraged me to trust myself and open my mind to all the universe had for me. Her words helped me to open my heart and mind so I could find peace from within. Whenever I begin feeling unsure again I go back to her reading and feel strengthened. She is truly gifted and I feel blessed she shared her gift with me. ~ Aimee Heslin

Christi’s reading was SPOT ON. It was so deep and so resonate I was unpacking it for days. It was the affirmation I needed to connect the dots in my life in a way that pushed me forward with intention, understanding and complete confidence. I can say enough about this. Christi’s kind energy was the gentle hand to the middle of my back that I so desperately needed. ~ Andrea Mauer, Truth warrior, vision shifter, clarity ninja at

I Love Christi Tedeschi. We met in a soul caller training and by serendipity and Divine Chance, we were fireside buddies assigned to read energy for each other. Christi has the gift of seeing. She so clearly saw my surroundings, and even my little baby dog who had crossed over and broken my heart(something she knew nothing about). Her vision let me know he was still with me, although in the Unseen. Since then Christi has grown to become a Reiki Healer and a force for even greater goodness in the world where such talent, devotion and gifted presence is so needed. I feel her loving is palpable.

Christi did a reading for me recently, at a time of transition and change in my personal life, and I was a wee bit frightened to tell the truth. Once again, though, she came forth with a powerful vision and I felt so safe in her care. IT was a remarkable reading with much synchronicity to current challenges and events. It gave me affirmation and direction. I am happy to call Christy my friend and teacher, and I highly recommend her work! ~ Barbara McMahon MS LMHC

In all honesty I was a bit nervous to have my cards read. I didn't want to know anything negative. You were able to change my feelings, and I am so grateful. When I first received my reading I was speechless. I had so many thoughts. It brought many things to light for me. Things that are going on in my life that I am not in tune with. I am now more aware and present to what is going on in my heart. I found through out the Day I reread my reading over and over. The cards are so beautiful and really resonated with me. I am so thankful and filled with joy over my new awareness. You are extremely gifted! I am so thankful for your enlightenment.

Personal training

I didn't think training could be so much fun.  Thank you Christie! I've been going to her for nearly a year and definitely have seen a difference.  I've gone to others, but realized that they really weren't engaged on what was important to me.  My body is more toned.  She listens to what matters to me and  includes training that pinpoints those areas.  I don't think that I have had a session that is the same.  She mixes it up!   She takes her role in my training seriously and suggests how I can expand in areas such as diet and other areas of interest.  Most importantly, my hubbie has noticed.




I have been working one-on-one with Christi Tedeschi for the last six months.  In that time I’ve lost weight, added muscle and increased my overall fitness level.  Christi’s energy and love of fitness are so infectious you can’t help wanting to work out instead of it feeling like a chore.  Christi’s workouts are motivating and challenging every time!  

Through Christi’s enthusiasm and concern for her clients, you can see how much she enjoys what she’s doing.  I am grateful to Christi for all she has done for me...




Tough but thoughtful personal training.  Christi really gets to know her clients well and finds a workout each time that challenges your body, but does not compromise it. She knows your weaknesses that you should be working on to make stronger, but also is completely aware of any injuries you should be nursing.  Fantastic workout every time!

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