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Dear Mommy

Dear Mommy,

My heart expands with gratitude for all the ways you showed me how to love ~

The way you held my hand.

The gentleness of your touch.

The constant support even when I didn’t see you there.

The way you brushed my hair from my face.

The way you could talk to any stranger as if you’ve known them for a life time.

The way you always welcomed anyone who showed up to our home.

The love in your eyes.

Your bravery volunteering on the emergency squad, at times heart breaking endings.

Your want to want everyone to feel love.

Your broken heart for not having had a father to raise you.

The love for the brothers who did.

This one makes my heart ache and the tears flow…..

The love you had for your grandchildren, the want to stay here with them was a force like I’ve never seen.

Your ability to touch my face now, to show up in the place I least expect.

For showing me I will never ever truly leave my children.I am grateful you are still able to show me, teach me, love me from where you are in this very moment.

So much love to you Mommy.

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