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Always expect the unexpected!

Two weeks ago, I was honored to present a reiki informational at my friend Anna Marie’s home. This was a first for me, so I had the obvious case of jitters. One of my biggest and most challenging roles is explaining reiki.

After giving a description of the powerful effects I’ve experience in my own practice, I then asked for a volunteer. Much to my relief a beautiful soul was open to giving reiki a try. Normally reiki is done in a quiet space lying down, a non-invasion laying on of the hands. My clients almost always fall asleep. However this was a group setting so the dynamic was definitely different. I seated my volunteer in the middle of the circle placing my hands on both her upper chest and her back, and began.

What began to unfold was simply astonishing and nothing I expected quite frankly. This is how this work seems to roll ~ always moving and shaking us up in the most beautiful ways. I began to receive guidance, experiencing physical feelings within my own body which I shared with her. When I continued to communicate with her the guidance I was receiving, she affirmed its place for her. She expressed feeling lighter and more peace as we ended, YAY mission accomplished! Or so I thought, and of course there was a whole other agenda here for me and this beautiful group.

My intent was to give one or two people an opportunity to sit in the healing energy of reiki and allow them to express to the group how they felt afterward the treatment. However, one by one I went through the group giving mini guided reiki sessions! As I would end one, their eyes were upon me for more! I was pretty much blown away by the power of the experience. These mini guided sessions were filled with communication of guidance, as well as channeling spirit! Spirit came through time and time again reassuring their loved ones they are here to guide, love, and support them.I am not sure how many times I expressed that evening my own amazement of how this night was so much more then I could have ever expected.

I am grateful for the experience, the openness, the love, and confirmation of my passion for this work. I am super excited and thrilled to start offering reiki circles, check out my offering pages which I've tagged Full Spectrum Sessions for more information, send me a private message or just give me a ring! I am so looking thrilled to be able to share this with you all <3

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