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More Ease For Our Teens

Anxiety and stress have become all to common place for teens. Anxiety is no longer a sometimes situation for our teens. Far too many suffer from the constant bombardment of social media, comparison, not good enough, good enough grades, extra curricular activities, measuring up to their peers, stress of family relationships, and the overwhelm of it all. Finding ways to unplug has become harder and harder.

More and more teens have entered my practice looking for relief of their crippling anxiety. Reiki helps to reduce anxiety and stress, aids in releasing negativity allowing for more ease and a calmer state.

Reiki is a gentle subtle energy practice that helps to relieve the compounding pressures our teens experience in their day to day lives. When we are living in a high stress, high anxiety state constantly with no break our bodies will begin to break down. This is when our bodies begin to get sick, experience headaches, feel more overwhelmed, more stressed, more anxious…leading to illness of many kinds. It's the bodies way of trying to communicate, saying “look here, look at me, I can’t take much more. Help me.”

Reiki is one tool to use to feel more grounded, centered, and over sense of ease. Teen clients have had wonderful response to reiki helping in reduction of their symptoms. With each session they become more comfortable, which lowers resistant, allowing reiki to working even more efficiently. Clients become more at ease, are able to sleep better, concentrate, and feel confident as a result.

Other tools for your teens, anyone actually, less screen time, exercise, yoga, getting outdoors, meditation, drinking an appropriate amount of water, healthy relationships, and eating a well balanced diet. Our children live by example, if our children see us taking a vested interest in our own well being they tend follow our lead. Wellness isn’t just about eating right and exercise, it's also about our emotional well being and a balanced lifestyle. If your teen is suffering from anxiety, please give me a call to discuss the benefits of reiki and the other tools we can use to help your teen feel more comfortable, more at ease.

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