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I am honored

Reiki is practice of subtle yet powerful energy which helps to balance our energy within and around us. Healing occurs on all levels ~ body, mind, and soul. The most common feedback I receive from my clients is a feeling of lightness, their stress is lifted. When we are relieved of stress, we sleep better, we heal faster, and we are able to live in the present moment with more ease.

I recently had a personal training client who was not feeling well, due to chronic stress. When we experience stress for extended periods of time, it will inevitably start to affect our health. In my client’s case, this has been a common theme in her life. After a period of three weeks my client was unable to train due to pure exhaustion from high levels of work related stress. I suggested a reiki session, she agreed. Now here we are three weeks, 5 reiki sessions later she is feeling calmer, more relaxed, and moving through her days with a sense of peace. It doesn’t take 5 sessions to feel the effects of reiki, she just simply can’t get enough! I am not sure what’s more rewarding, her feelings of peace and calm or being able to provide this for her. I am blessed and honored to be doing the work I love. May you find peace and love today and everyday.


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