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Signs, signs everywhere there are signs

Living in a state of being awaken to the support swirling around me, is probably one of the most miraculous parts of my life. I can’t even imagine not being aware of all the signs in constant motion showing me the how immensely loved and supported I am at all times.

I was blessed yesterday with a multitude of signs appearing one after the other….after a while I could literally hear that 70’s song “Sign, signs everywhere there are signs”. Living a life of being awake is beyond any words I can express. I am grateful I have been awaken to see how loved and supported I am. My team knows just out to show me they are holding me up. These signs and symbols allow me to trust, to surrender, to love, to forgive, to support, and to have and give hope.

According to google by definition; Support ~ bear all or part of the weight of; hold up. Well there you have it, to bear all! Our support team will bear all or part of the weight! Do your part, live a life filled with gratitude, love, honesty, and truth your truth.

Wake up to your surrounds, look and listen for the signs and symbols of your TEAM fully supporting you! Trust me you will be pretty frigging amazed at the miracles taking place all around you! I’d love to hear your stories of your support team showing you their love, please share!

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