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In this moment.....

Today marks three years my Mom past. It has been a full day. Wegmans at 7:30am, to my Dad’s at 9:30, love from my hubby for losing my Dad over and over to his Alzheimer’s, back home at 2, made ice cream cake, went for a peaceful run, back home to make meatballs for dinner, lunches for tomorrow, and then dinner with my beautiful family.

Now I am sitting on my porch, the temperature is perfection, a whimsical breeze, the birds are chirping, and I can hear giggles from Caitlyn and Joey in the backyard! It is actual divine in this moment. My heart has been full all day, some tears, but mostly up ~ it feels as though my heart may just explode with the love I feel.

In this very moment , I am watching Lola enjoy the same things I am, she breaths in all that is. Her nose in the air, her eyes are closed, she is also at peace. The geese flying over head, calling out their joy. Is this not what this life is all about, taking in each blissful second?

Being still, I can feel my Mom’s arms wrapped around me around, it is all that is….she is in the breeze, the song of the cardinal who shows himself to me, the whisper of the dove floating by, the laughter in my gorgeous babies ~ she is here. Right now is all there is, my am I in love. My wish for you is to find love in the moments of you day. Till then Mommy, I love you….

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