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You have the power already within you

Everywhere we turn there is someone or something telling us they have the "thing" that is going to help "fix" us.

As if, it's outside of ourselves. As if, we are actually broken. As if, being imperfect isn't as it should be. As if, we don't need the things that take us down to help us learn to rise. As if, we need to believe in something outside of ourselves to make everything ok. As if , the heartbreak isn't there to bring us to our knees for us to see we really aren't in control.

As if, there isn't an loving energy more powerful beyond anything we could possible imagine that will lift us up through the most horrible of circumstances.

As if, we aren't capable to seeing past all the victimization and recognizing the hero within ourselves.

You have the power within you.

As if, we aren't dynamic enough to be able to feel the pain, sit with pain to allow it to cultivate real change in our lives. The change that inspires others to rise out of their our grief. We all have this power within us to rise, to gain wisdom from the heartache.

Your body, mind, and spirit have a power far greater than you can possible imagine. For it is indeed designed to heal itself, be mindful to call on the powers that be for the gifts of grace, love, strength, courage, vulnerability and grit.

As if, we are broken. We are NOT broken. Ever. We may feel the most excruciating pain anyone has ever experienced, but we are never so broken that we can't rise again. Underneath all the hurt, the pain, the incredible tragedies there lies great strength, we are all gifted this super power. Your super power, is unique to you. It lies beneath the surface, sometimes it needs to be awaken.....and sometimes it's these great losses we need to wakes us up. Life happens for us not to us. Move out of feeling powerless to empowering yourself.

You aren't AS IF, YOU ARE powerful beyond measure.

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