I see you

I see you

I hear you

I honor you

I believe you

I hold you in love

I’m going to real, real quick. This political climate has trigger a landslide of emotion for many. Those who have experienced physical trauma of all kinds, assault, sexual assault, children who have been sexually assaulted. This has opened wounds far greater then some can imagine.

I myself have experienced molestation from two different men, who my family knew.

I did what most do ~ I KEPT MY MOUTH SHUT. Even as a preteen and teen I had the sense society looked down upon those who have been assaulted. So I buried shame, guilt, and my innocence was stripped from me at a tender age. This only soldified my feelings of unworthiness as a teenage girl and into my 20’s and beyond. It is with great fortune I had loving parents, family and friends who would unknowling help me realize my worthiness, for which I am forever grateful <3

With a lot of work emotionally, holding myself in prayer and the tools of energy work have I gained my pride, love, and understanding of who I truly am. I want to stress I am NOT a victim, I am a strong resilient woman. Most importantly I AM NOT MY EXPERIENCES, we are never our experiences. It is apart of our story, it shapes us, it can ignite a passion to help others, it can redirect us on our path , to stand up for those who aren’t able to do so for themselves and so much more. Or we can go in the other direction, hold our shame and self blame close to us, because we are afraid of judgement we assume will come from others. This shame can be crippling, and hold us frozen while life passes us by.

Here’s the thing about what others may or may not think, it's none of business how someone else chooses to feel, judge, or go so far as to attack someone for speaking out in their own defense and get justice. Those in this attack mode are choosing hate, fear, and the darkness of shaming…..this is how their own inability to look at their own fears, pain and lack of compassion show up in the world. We should not and can not hold onto the insensitive hateful comments, they have no understanding about why someone is coming forward. None.

Their own lack of empathy for all of who have had to experience the debilitating pain from assault, this is something deep within them they need to heal And they may never have the courage to do so. It is also not our job to try to make them understand, by engaging only gives the negative more energy. Instead find other ways to channel your passion this and any other thing we feel deeply about. Volunteer, give to a charity for abused women, get involed, create your own woman's charity give women the inspiration to live a more present, loving, compassionate, and brave life. Be a positive force in this world ~ we need more love, more light. We need more postive leadership, you are that leadership.

The news, the politicians,comments on social media ~ don’t watch, don’t listen, don't read the comments ~ DON”T DO IT! (Guilty!) The trigger rate is so high, we can’t change the minds of those who are admitted, she is “lying”, don’t try to reason they will not listen. What I would like to ask you do is to stand up for yourself, love all of yours, hold yourself with the love of the universe, meditate with love washing over you and within you, be with dear friends who honor you. Choose carefully who you share your precious energy with all the time, and try with all of your being to hold grace in your heart to be able to not lash out and simply send those who need it, love with the intention their hearts may be softened, therefore opened with more compassion for themselves. And maybe their hearts will open for another.

This post does not just apply to women, but to men as well. Men have also had to experience these devastating experiences, I am holding you tightly with love and strength.

Lastly, I want all my kindred spirits to know ~

I see you

I hear you

I believe you

I hold you in my heart today and always

Stand strong in your beliefs with resilience, bravery, compassion, grace, dignity and move forward in love.


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