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Love Is Your Super Power

Last evening I watched the national news, which I do very seldom because it brings my energy down fast. When I'm down, I don't have anything to give those who surround me except more negativity. I find myself in a tailspin of needing to get through to others who are on the other side, and always I find myself beating my heading against the wall. Fortunately I was able to recalibrate last night knowing, I can not control what others do, think, and say. As much as we want to help others find their way back to their loving, compasstionate heart it is truly up to them to find their way home.

Here's what we can do, take the frustration, the despair, the fear, all the negativity and transform it into love. We do have control over how we respond, act, and treat others. Even those who are adamant all this separateness is justified. Remember hate is driven by fear, we can pray for their fear and hatred to be recalibrate into love and acceptance. Pray their hearts soften, may they see their fear is false, ask the blessings of unconditional love be washed over them.

Everything has a vibration including our words, thoughts, and actions. Therefore, the more fear we have over all their fear is simply amplifying the vibration exponentially. One at a time, we can change the vibration with our words, thoughts, and actions. The vibration of love is has the highest vibration, truth. Game changer. Fun fact, the word love actually has the highest vibration of any other word (this has been a scientific study actually). We who believe in love, the love of the universe, the creator of all things, God, Buddha, whatever you name your higher power….we must come back to love, regroup in the presence of this love. We are never separate from it, we only disconnect when we hook into fear, anger, frustration, and when we are trying to control the outcome of any given situation. Control is only ever productive when we go inside, into our heart space and beckon love to wash away the hate. We have to stand up for love. How you do this is all up to you. It can be as simply as choosing to see all this hate differently, maybe a prayer ~ "I choose love", "Help me transform this fear into love", "How may I serve in the name of love". Turn off the news, get off of social media, stop hooking into the ugly comments, and choose differently go for a walk or a run, spend time with your loved ones, go be of service, choose gratitude, change the vibration one thought at a time. Together we can elevate the vibration of love, together we can make change. Love is love is love is love is.....

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

8:18 AM

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