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Peace is within

Our mission in this life is to find peace in our daily lives. Yet we are constantly getting in our own way (insert myself here!), by worrying about tomorrows tomorrows, and many other things our runaway train of thoughts get away with in our day.

If only we can step back, sit in stillness only for a few moments and follow our breath. For our breath is our connection to the peace which lives within each and everyone of us. We have been taught, trained even, this peace is something outside of ourselves only the gurus can attain and maintain. Well thats pure bullshit, we are all have a sacred connection of love, light, breath, and peace ready for us to tap into at all times. This spark lives within you, it is accessible to all of us at any given moment on a any given day. To access this power within, all you need to do is silently ask! Simple right!

Within your day stop, be still, listen to your breath. Then be grateful for each and every breath, honor the power you have been gifted within you.

You are light.


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