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Free yourself, just be you

Freedom to be who you are is the most liberating feeling. No more apologizes about what you do, or how you do it. It just is. We spend so much time wasting, wondering what others think and feel about us. Does this one think I’m crazy, or strange, or off my rocker???? These thoughts and worries take out of living in the right here and right now.

I recently branded myself with infinite love. I have wanted this tattoo for over 3 years now. Whats been holding this girl back, fear. Fear of what others will think, will they judge, what will they think if I have a tattoo? How absurd is that! I know better then this.

This is my body, my choice, as long as its bringing me joy who the hell cares! No one really has the time or energy to concern themselves with what choices others make, and if they have a judgment, SO BE IT.

Don’t let your fear of what others will think or say, stand in your way of being exactly who you are. No more wasting time and energy thinking about anything else other then "Is this bringing me joy?" If the answer is yes, GO FOR IT! When your choices are centered in love you can't go wrong <3 Go out there and show the world your sparkle and shine. (2).jpg

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