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Infusion of Love

I have spent the better part of my life reacting to negative situations negatively. Sounds reasonable right. I mean something “bad” happens I react, my runaway train of a brain acts in like and thinks “oh no what’s next”. A constant loop of worry running through my head. REALLY not a good habit, and you know what it’s not even a reality! We truly only have the moment we are in, nothing else.

The phrase shit happens is a “thing”, because shit happens! We bump up against negativity all the time. Here’s what I’m learning, the more we allow ourselves to fall into the endless loop of “what ifs” the more negative the circumstances become. Our thoughts are like magnets when it comes to attracting things into our lives. Think positive, we get positive. Think negative we get negative. Therefore the more attention we give the negative situation, more negativity will show up. It is that simple. However, when we can give ourselves a moment of space. Take a few gentle breaths to gain fully some perspective by infusing love into the chaos, we can wrangle those emotions. You will see the chaos slows down once you can center yourself in love and ask to be fully supported. Pour love into that which stands before, you will only produce more love. This take tons of practice, trust me I know(I am STILL practicing)! The more love you push out there into the world, the more you will receive.

I am not saying don’t honor your feelings, no way am I saying that. I am not saying to be fake, or to push your feelings down. Let the feelings come up, acknowledge them for however long you need to, then release them. “Hello, I see you, I feel you, I got you, and now it’s time for you to move on for I have learned the lesson you were here to teach me.” And bid the visitor a fond farewell, ONWARD.

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