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You are fully supported

About 4 months ago I had a powerful experience, I am finally ready to share. I was feeling overwhelmed, to the point I found myself in a puddle of tears in my bedroom. The chaos swirling around me felt like it was going to swallow me whole. I know at this point chaos is my teacher, I felt guided to do what follows…..

I usually only burn sage to do a reading or to clear my home. However on this day, I went into my bedroom closed the door lite a candle and began to burn sage. I asked for a


sign of support and love to be shown to me as soon as possible. I brought my burning sage over to my bed, and sat down watching the beauty of the billowing smoke gracefully dance across my room. Within seconds I instinctively grabbed my phone and began to take photos. At the same time, I had this knowing “I am going to see something in these pictures”.

As I started to scroll through the photos, I sent one to a friend simply to show her the beauty of the practice. What I noticed next floored me beyond words. There was a photographic image in the middle of one I happened to “choose” to send to my friend. So here’s the thing I asked, no wait I begged to be shown I was being support even though I didn’t feel supported. This image is a huge sign of support for me, a kind, and loving face smack in the center! I was literally in awe, I then began to see other images in the same photo. Looking at the series of pictures, I found more and more images of what I still feel are my loved ones, my angels, and my guides.

When you feel as if you at your breaking point, ask for support, you will be shown in a way which resonates with you. Ask for your sign to be shown to you as crystal clear as possible….then trust it will be shown. Trust births miracles. Many blessing <3

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