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Have you ever watched the trees when its windy? It’s quite spectacular to watch them sway this way then that way, yielding to the wind. Trees move with the wind not against it, they are flexible. Flexibility is a beautiful characteristic, truly. Are you flexible with yourself? Are you easy on yourself? Do you embrace your flaws? Or do you resist them?

Watch the trees and their forgiving nature to the wind, the grace is marvelous to witness. At times in our lives we get in our own way, we resist to the aspects of ourselves that aren’t so pretty. Surrendering to our imperfections is ultimately freeing. Deciding to be gentle with ourselves is probably one of the most beautiful gifts we can give ourselves in this life. When we get all caught up in our mistakes, we get stuck in the muck of it all! We can drowned in our thoughts ~ BUT, If we can cut through our shit, and choose to be easy on ourselves… we allow a calmer state of mind to come forward to ease into the forgiveness of one’s own self.

I once heard from Wayne Dyer something like this ~ isn’t fascinating how we get all worked up when someone in our lives treats us so horribly, yet we are own worst critic, we are probably more cruel to ourselves then anyone else. Be a kinder and gentler to you, for you are a one of a kind imperfect beauty, who deserves to be treated with love and respect first and foremost by yourself. <3

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