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Find answers in the chaos

This quote from Rumi, The wound is where the Light comes in. This hold so true for me, and for all of us if we look at it. If we examine the places in our lives where we have been in the most pain, struggled the most, suffered the most. If you look at a space and time in your life where you have felt as though you might actually break into pieces from the pain and suffering your enduring. Now look past this time in your life just a bit, months maybe even years. I’ll bet you can say to yourself ~ “wow I did that, I got through that…it may not have been pretty or delicate, but wow look at you! You did it! And your stronger for it” *fist pump!

We never want to get close to our pain we wish it away, we don't want to shine a light on it, we look forward to a new day, a change of focus to make it all go away even if its only momentarily. However, as I’ve been taught by my beautiful friend and mentor Tracey Selingo, sitting with these periods of discomfort is where we learn the most about ourselves. And what these periods of chaos, pain, and struggle offer us is to grow spiritually. Yes, I know sometimes we all get a little tired of these growing pains, trust me I know the feeling. But if we ignore them, tuck them away in a deep corner of our soul….guess what THEY KEEP SHOWING UP. The chaos in our lives is always here to school us in a valuable lesson. Be friend your chaos. Ask it “why are you here? What do I need to get out of this chaos, what’s here for me?” Be still and listen, you maybe surprised in the lesson that is here for you. Rumi is very wise to say The wound is where the Light comes in, our pain can break us wide open if we let it.

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