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Connectivity is a beautiful thing.

Did you know we are all connected? Quite literally, well to be more clear energetically connected.

How many times has someone popped into your head and BAM the phone rings, you get a text, or an email from this very person???? Seriously, it happens right! Well these random occurrences aren’t random. It’s our beautiful intuition at work. Next time you want to hear from someone, why don’t you initiate the contact and think of them ~ visualize them contacting you. Beat you’ll be surprised how fast this connection materializes!

Just the other day, I had a scenario where I bought a recorded book on a whim and the very thing I had listen to became a very prevalent piece of a conversation the same day! This is what I love about the woo, it is constantly connecting us, supporting us, and at times jaw dropping synchronicities that remind us we are all connected! When you open the door to the woo, the magic, and the support swirling around…and watch your world turn all kinds of wonderful!

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