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Tell Fear to step aside

Fear is an emotion I am very familiar with. Fear is more than a four letter word in my life, it has been a way of life. Fear of what people think of me, who they think I am, what they think I think I am! Sheesh that me dizzy! As you can see, it’s just the same as watching a dog chase its tail!

Fear likes to telling us its our friend, it holding us in place to "protect" us from what we might do to ourselves! This is fear talking “really you think you can do that! Hold on, slow down you! You can’t put yourself out there that way! What will people think for goodness sake. Just stay small, just smile and wave. Just yes sir, no sir…don’t speak your truth it will only get people thinking you’re crazy!”

Well I told fear to step aside(sometimes more confidently then other times)! I have slowly showed Mr. Know-It-All, I’ve got this, I’m cool. I really am not interested if people think I’m nuts, looney, off the wall, bat shit crazy anymore! See here's the truth, we are love ~ all of us. We are here to spread love, emanate love, sprinkle love, be love. How this comes through is all about living to our highest self. If you can just all honor and accept each other, to realize we are all one, to see ourselves in others. When you see yourself in others it makes all the transitioning to being your truest self much easier.

Be love and start with yourself. Stand in front of the mirror daily and say “I love you”.Try befriending your Fear by showing it can trust you, once it trust you it will honor you. Show Fear how incredibly amazing you are!

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