Restorative Crystal Singing Bowls


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Restorative Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowls hold a resonance which helps us to feel more grounded, centered, and transcends us into a calmer state. Our bodies are made of mostly water, the sound vibration of CSB  literally absorbs into our being allow us to release things we don't need, even healing on a cellular level. 


Creating this venue and sharing  with you this beautiful offering is very exciting for me, it really is divine magicRestorative crystal singing bowls will be offered twice a week, Sunday's at 7pm & Thursday's at 7pm.

The best way to listen ~ with head phones, a quiet space, laying down or sitting comfortable. Try to be sure you won't be interrupted (challenging during this time I know). Another wonderful option is to ask your family members to join you! What a great time to share to reset, restore, and relax with your precious people or for your people!

Each session we will be set an intention, your intention can be to be more grounded, sending  love to another, send healing to all, be open to hear guidance......really whatever sets your heart a blaze. I will also pull a card or a few at the beginning of the session as a group allowing us to be open to universal guidance. Each session will vary between 30-45 minutes.

I am grateful technology is giving us these platforms to connect! I hope you join me for these events, they are a source of healing, restoration, and calm. 





Every Monday at 11am I will be sending LOVE out the beautiful souls who gather to receive distance reiki in Love Group Distance Reiki.


Distance reiki sessions is a powerful yet gentle practice to help us to ground, center and more balance. Reiki is universal life force energy, which is a steady stream of pure love for your highest and ultimate well being to reduce stress and promote healing and much much more!

All the recipient needs to do is settle in and set an the intention to be open to receiving your distance for renewing and realigning your body, mind and spirit. 

You can sign up for weekly sessions one at a time or a subscription to receive yours week, or bi-weekly. Below you will see through Acuity scheduling your link to dive into your very own space and time of self love! 

Love Please Group Distance Reiki