Integrated Energy Therapy


Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is a gentle hands on healing modality to help reduce stress, promoting healing, as well as balance the body, mind and spirit.  IET "release issues from the tissues" says the creator, Steven Thayer. This modality releases negative energy and blocks on a cellular level, allowing the body, mind and spirit to do what it is designed to do ~ heal itself. Our bodies are highly evolved, knowing how to heal itself. For example,  we get a fever to help the body burn out the virus, our skins scabs when it's been damaged, the blood clots to stop the bleeding, gives us pain in areas of injury, swells to bring blood flow to injured areas….the list goes on.

However, if stagnant energy is present blockages may create stress, disharmony, disease, and lack of joy.  Some symptoms of blockages are anxiety, headaches, disease, overwhelm, self-limiting beliefs,  injuries, and surgeries to name a few. These blockages at times need assistance to be released in order for our energy flow  to return to its natural state, giving way to an environment of harmony and health. Releasing on a cellular level, IET assists to restore universal life force energy which allows us to live a more balance, healthy, peaceful lifestyle. IET's subtle yet powerful healing allows traumas, negative blocks of any kind that can build up to be released on a cellular level.

Trauma can be any kind of physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma. Although you don't need to experience severe trauma or trauma on any level to experience blockages or stagnate energy flow. We live in a world and society where stress is all to common and every day tendency.  When this powerful yet gentle energy frees the blockages and  reestablishes balance to the body, mind and spirit we become more free to live as our truest self. This only enhances our daily living, bringing more love, creativity, freedom, health, prosperity and harmony. 

Sessions can be done live in person, or distance if you aren't able to physically come into my space in Haddonfield, NJ.

Have more questions? I would be happy to answer any questions you may have, please feel free to contact me here.

One IET Session $88


Add on Sound Healing $44 

One IET Distance Session $88