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Energy Clearing



Ever feel stuck, bogged down, can’t seem to think clearly? It's important to remember that everything is composed of energy- everything. And, as much as we would prefer not to, we often hold onto the negative energy that we encounter during our daily lives. Something as simple as a moment with a rude sales clerk can stay with us long after the moment has passed. This type of energy can weigh us down and give us that feeling of, "I just don't feel like myself today/this week."


The process of energy clearings is all about washing the gunk away, clearing away the negative and allowing us to feel renewed and refreshed! Energy clearings are non-invasive, subtlely releasing the gunk weighting us down. Now let me be clear a session doesn't heal the these negative thoughts, occurances, simple releases them so we are in a more balanced. When we are more balanced we created a enviroment for healing to occur.

When I perform a clearning, I visualize a beautiful stream of  water showering away all the things that shouldn't be hanging around in your energy field. A clearing will leave you feeling lighter, calmer and surrounded by your own natural positive energy.

See we are designed to radiate, to shine the clearing gives us a bit of a fresh start. 

There are different ways to clear, clearing an individual, clearing between two people, and clearing a situation or circumstances. 


Here is what a client expressed about the way she felt after a clearing ~ 

After the spiritual cleansing, I felt that my burden of "fear" had been lifted... lightened... I felt as if my troubles, though existent, weren't "the end" but just "part" of my journey. I felt I could walk forward without carrying those extra "head trip" burdens! Christi's talent in hearing, listening closely, and clearing a path is a gift. I am thankful for her, and her quality service. I urge all to try this with Christi.


To request a clearing, choose one of the offerings below. You will receive an email confirmation when your clearing is completed. Most clearings are performed within 48-72 hours. 


Energy Clearing                                                                     $44    


Combine an energy clearing and a distance reiki

session for the ultimate energy cleanse and healing     $88