Restorative Crystal Bowl Healing Session


Love More Group Distance Reiki

Restorative Crystal Sound Healing Sessions

I am thrilled you have landed here on my site and your heart has dropped you into this part of my work! Sound healing is becoming more and more mainstream, for that I am grateful. Sound healing releases blocks on a cellular level. The beauty of a sound healing session is to open and balance the chakras, as well as help ground our energies and integrate the healing energies which work through each and everyone of us. 

In my practice of sound healing, you might describe it as sound healing 2.0 due to the energies which work through me and for the recipients

Before we begin the session we will pull cards to help us set our intention and help move participants into a space of openness to more self compassion, self love, and honoring yourself.

I will only a minimal amount in my space on Wednesday evenings at 7pm, session last approximately 45 minutes total.  You will need to bring your own mat, blanket/s, and wear a mask.  Please also feel free to bring any crystals!

I can't wait to share these sacred and beautiful sessions with you! 

I am also offering private group sessions, contact me if your interesting in gathering a small group in my office, or outside at your home  for a larger group where everyone can spread out. Contact me here.

Love Please Group Distance Reiki

Distance group reiki sessions are a wonderful way to help release energies that are not serving us , allowing our own natural energies to do what they are designed to do ~ HEAL. The body, mind and spirit are designed to heal themselves, yet through negative circumstances, negative/low energy's can create blocks preventing our natural energies to do their jobs.

Reiki is a subtle yet powerful energy giving way to allow our life force to be restored and assist in creating more overall balance. Reiki can be facilitated from a distance or in person, pretty awesome right! Who doesn't like to feel a bit lighter, more centered and have more clarity! One other things you should know reiki is the energy of LOVE, love is the answer to all things. Can't wait to see you in the gap of LOVE!

Please see below options to sign up for Distance Reiki Sessions, you can sign up for one at at time, once a month, bi-monthly, or every Monday! Blessings!

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